Torque - Limiting

Series 100 200 & 300 Torque Limiters

The standard range -

Ser 100    Light duty servo applications
                  Torques up to 500 Nm
                  Bore sizes up to 66 mm

Ser 200    Very accurate set torque and repeatability

Ser 320    Compact, backlash free and automatic reset after overload.
                  Ratcheting and bi-directional.
                  Plated & stainless steel versions for wash down duties.

Series 400 Torque Limiter

Unique freewheeling mechanism for high speed disengagement,
the design provides reverse to reset automatically.

Bi-directional operation, at high or low speeds.

Typically used in motor speed applications or where remote reset is
required, e.g. extruders, test beds, pump drives, heavy plant and

Torques up to 56,000 Nm
Bore sizes up to 178 mm

Series 600 Torque Limiter

Pneumatically controlled, combined torque limiter and disengaging
clutch which is adjustable "in-motion".

A higher "Starting" torque can be transmitted to accelerate the
machine, dropping to a lower "Running" torque once up to speed.

Used widely in the printing / paper finishing industry, and automatic
assembly and packaging machinery.

Torques up to 20,000 Nm
Bore sizes up to 150 mm

Series 800 Torque Limiter

Designed to meet the need for high torque, high and low speed
torque limiting applications.

Modular design for enhanced flexibility. Supplied in a range of
coupling and drive media options.

Instant and complete disengagement of the driving and driven
inertias ensuring optimum protection. Easy to reset.
Automatic reset options available.

Torques up to 180,000 Nm
Bore sizes up to 260mm